Reading Goals

My current project is to read all the books on the California Department of Education K-12 Recommended Reading List. Anyone can search through the list here:

I like this list for a lot of reasons but the most important is that it gives me examples of the kinds of books that the Department of Education expects my students to read. It’s also a great resource for parents searching for direction in terms of what their children should read. Additionally, I like that the list has a wide variety of Spanish books as well. Though Spanish curriculum developmentĀ  is not par with English curriculum development, it’s nice to see things starting to become more equal.

I also like this list because it is only recommended. That means that I can (and should and do) teach the books that I love, even if they didn’t make the cut.

I hope to complete this project in the next year or so. I will upload reviews of the books and lessons plans for teachers and parents as I develop them.

Thanks for reading!

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